Professor Babatunde Adeyemi Osofisan (Femi Osofisan)

Professor Babatunde Adeyemi Osofisan (Femi Osofisan) is a distinguished Nigerian playwright, poet, scholar, actor, director, novelist, songwriter and activist who was born on June 16,1946 in Erunwon, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Prof. Osofisan is known for his plays and poetic works which critique societal problems and lay emphasis on gender roles.

His works usually incorporates traditional African elements such as folklore, myths and legends of the Yoruba culture to address contemporary social and political issues. Most of these works advocate social justice and equality in the society.

His many dramatic literary masterpieces include some of the following: “Morountodun”; “Once Upon Four Robbers”; “Esu and the Vagabond Minstrels”; “Women of Owu”; “Kolera Kolej”; “The Chattering and the Song”; “Another Raft”; “Twingle-Twangle A-Twynning Tayle”; “Yungba-Yungba and the Dance Contest:A Parable for Our Times”; “The Album of the Midnight Blackout”; “Tegonni: An African Antigone.” He is also credited with poetic collections one of which is”Minutes Coins”.

Prof. Osofisan has held various academic positions including professorship and visiting professorship at various academic institutions around the world.

This literary giant remains one of the brightest lights of dramatic literature in the world. His numerous works embellished with traditional Nigerian cultural elements and settings have significantly placed him as a great cultural ambassador and literary icon who has used his art to promote his society.

In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious Thalia Prize for excellence in the arts becoming the first African to be given the award. He has also been honoured with the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) Membership Honorary Award.

The Management and Staff of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, (NCC) felicitate with this outstanding literary giant, creator and copyright icon as he adds a year to his age and wish him many more years of artistic excellence.