It is with deep fondness and appreciation that the Nigerian Copyright Commission joins the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s World Radio Day. We acknowledge the enduring legacy and impact of radio on culture, education, and entertainment.

The theme for this year is “Radio: A Century Informing, Entertaining and Educating”. The Nigerian Copyright Commission recognizes the profound significance of radio in shaping societies, educating people at different social levels and fostering cultural exchange, political awareness and economic empowerment through its simple, affordable and mobile knowledge dissemination platforms.

As Ms. Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, said, the theme “shines a broad floodlight on Radio’s remarkable past, relevant present and promise of a dynamic future.” For over nine decades, since the first radio signals filtered through the colonial Radio Diffusion System in 1933 relaying the foreign radio service of the British Broadcasting Corporation and the establishment of Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in the 50s and the launch of Raypower 100.5 FM in 1994 as the first private independent broadcasting, radio has always been a part of the political, social and cultural evolution of Nigeria. As in other parts of the world, it has survived very extreme conditions and remains an effective medium to inform, entertain and educate.

As we celebrate how the radio for over a century shaped our world and brought us together, we must reflect on the opportunities and challenges of the digital world.

While it is true that traditional radio as a medium has faced several challenges including competing digital platforms and social media, there are also new possibilities with the coming of the Internet that make the transmission of contents easier, cheaper and wider. These possibilities have brought humanity closer and significantly increased the power to create, use, manipulate and disseminate content some of which are protected by copyright.

We recognise the immense contributions of radio broadcasters, producers, and content creators who enrich our lives with their creativity and innovation as the radio still remains a powerful platform for promoting Nigerian music, literature, and other creative works thereby providing musicians and authors with a means to showcase their talents and reach a world audience.

As we use the opportunity of this Day to draw attention to the importance of radio and celebrate radio broadcasters as major stakeholders in the creative industry, we acknowledge that radio stations do not only use copyright works, such as music, but also create content which deserve to be protected. They have a duty to enlighten their audience on the responsible use of copyright works in a manner that guarantees the sustainability of the creative ecosystem. In line with global best practices, licenses should be obtained from approved collective management organisations (CMOs) for the use of music to ensure adequate recompense to copyright owners for the musical works and sound recordings used.

The Nigerian Copyright Commission remains committed to addressing the challenges of the creative industry through proactive enforcement of the copyright laws, raising awareness about the importance of copyright and fostering collaboration between stakeholders in the broadcasting industry.

As we reflect on the legacy of radio and its enduring relevance in the 21st century, we celebrate the resilience, creativity, and innovation of Nigerian broadcasters and creators. Together, let us uphold the principles of copyright and work towards a future where radio, in whatever form, would continue to inform, entertain, and educate generations to come.

Happy World Radio Day!