Optical Discs Plants

Nigerian Copyright Commission handles the registration and renewal of licence of Optical Disc Plants (ODPs). The Commission introduced the Copyright (Optical Discs Plants) Regulations in April 2007, (following the release in December 2006)

A Regulation made by the Commission with the approval of the Attorney-General of the Federation for the regulation of Optical Discs Manufacturing plants, which include those involved in the manufacturing of Blu-ray, DVD, CD, VCD and those involved in the manufacture of stampers or masters. It also seeks to regulate the import and export of optical discs, production parts for machinery and raw materials for the production of optical discs, e.g. polycarbonate.

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There are eight operational plants spread across the nation currently, two of them are mastering facilities while the rest are replicating plants. The plants are expected, after registration, to file for renewal not later than the 31st December of the current year against the following year.

Approved Plants are:

  • Linsoft Technology Limited.
  • Corart Trading Company.
  • Chronotech Nigeria Company Limited (Replicating).
  • Chronotech Nigeria Company Limited (Mastering).
  • Transerve Disc Technologist Limited (Replicating).
  • Transerve Disc Technology Limited (Mastering).
  • Shan Audiovisual Limited (Replicating).
  • Quartz Digital Limited (Replicating).

Step 1: You must have a registered company with the Corporate  Affairs Commission (CAC) with the main object clause.

Step 2: You must have a location for the business.

Step 3: Pick the registration form from the Commission.

Step 4: Invite the Commission for the inspection of the Plant.

Step 5: Submit all necessary documents.

Registration of manufacturers

  • First production line                                                                        N250,000
  • Each additional line                                                                         N100,000
  • Reissuance of certificate                                                                 N10,000
  • Renewal of registration for every production line                     N62,500
  • Approval of registration for every new plant importation       N100,000