Lagos Office



The Lagos Office of Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) is a Directorate with the status of a Department in charge of the Commission’s operations in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Directorate is headed by the Director of Lagos Office while the Office is structured into six Divisions, namely: Legal; Enforcement; Public Affairs; Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS); Administration; and Finance and Accounts Divisions. The following are the structures and functions of the Divisions:

 Functions of Legal Division:

  1. Prosecution of criminal offenders and defence of civil matters against the Commission;
  2. Preparing case files for possible prosecution;
  3. Drafting of documents and drawing up of legal opinions;
  4. Carrying out general copyright activities and training on copyright matters;
  5. Mediation on copyright disputes and providing counsel to copyright owners;
  6. Conducting legal research and analysis;
  7. Representing the Commission in copyright seminars and workshops;
  8. Educating the public on the various aspects of IP and anti-piracy sensitisation campaigns;
  9. Filing of Court processes;
  10. Preparing witnesses for trial and other Court proceedings;
  11. Participating in intelligence activities such as test purchases and surveillances.

Functions of Enforcement Division

The Enforcement Division carries out its functions through the following five Units:


  • Investigation Unit
  • Exhibit/Records Unit
  • Surveillance Unit
  • Anti-Piracy Operations Unit
  • Ports and Foreign Exploitation Unit


Investigation Unit

The functions of this Unit include:

  • Investigation of copyright infringement complaints.
  • Carrying out routine inspection and monitoring of outlets distributing copyright works.
  • Maintaining up-to-date prosecutable case files
  • Advising on the line of action (mediation, prosecution, no-case) in consort with the Legal Division.


Exhibits and Records Unit

This Unit has responsibility for:

  • Inventory taking.
  • Storage and preservation of exhibits.
  • Periodic update of records.
  • Tendering of exhibits in Court when the need arises.


Surveillance Unit

This Unit is responsible for:

  • Carrying out intelligence gathering and reporting on such.
  • Undercover operations and reporting on such.


Anti-Piracy Operations Unit

Co-ordinated by the Head of the Division, the Unit takes charge of:

  • Evaluation of complaints, petitions and surveillance reports to determine line of anti-piracy action.
  • Liaises with necessary sister agency for security cover during anti-piracy operations
  • Carry out anti-piracy raids in such places as are reasonably believed to be involved in copyright infringement.
  • Carrying out seizure of equipment and materials used in facilitating copyright infringement.
  • Arresting suspected copyright violators as well as serving of notice to report to the Commission
  • Producing First Information Report (FIR) on anti-piracy operation to capture events of the operation.
  • Taking statements of arrested persons and processing of their bail papers.
  • Ensuring that inventory of all seizures are properly taken and handled by the Exhibits and Records Unit.
  • Ensuring that Investigating Officers are assigned case files for further investigation arising from the anti-piracy operations.


Ports and Foreign Exploitations Unit

This Unit is responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating inspection of copyrighted containers/cargoes at the various Sea and Air Ports.
  • Signing of Clearance Letters for inspected and compliant containers/cargoes bearing copyright materials.
  • Liaising with Customs and other relevant officials concerning Ports activities.
  • Investigation of copyright infringements originating from Ports activities.
  • Investigation of cases relating to foreign exploitation of Nigerian works.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date register of importers of copyright works.
  • Preparing monthly Unit’s Report.

Functions of Public Affairs Division:

The Public Affairs Division carries out the following functions:

  1. Coordination of the Media and Publicity events of the Commission.
  2. Writing and Editing Press Releases, Picture Captions and News Features for public awareness.
  3. Media Monitoring for Feedback and necessary Follow-up.
  4. Content generation and facilitation of production and publicity of NCC Awareness Jingles and Documentaries.
  5. Content generation and facilitation of production of Corporate Newsletters, Magazines and Special Publications for NCC public awareness interventions.
  6. Conducting Public Relations Research and Evaluation.
  7. Participating in the Commission’s public sensitisation on copyright matters.
  8. Educating the public and stakeholders on programmes of the Commission through Talk Shops, Advocacy Outreaches and Road Shows.
  9. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


Planning Research and Statistic (PRS)/Regulatory Division

The PRS/Regulatory Division carries out the following functions:

  1. Preparation of the Division’s annual work plan and monitoring/evaluation report of Lagos Office.
  2. Administration of the Commission’s Specialised Library in Lagos.
  3. Conduct of research activities in relevant areas of the Commission’s mandate.
  4. Collation and compilation of monthly, quarterly, annual reports of the Lagos Office.
  5. Establishment of Copyright Clubs in Secondary Schools and execution of the Schools and Youth Project.
  6. Registration of copyright works through documentation of notification applications and the e-Registration portal data entry.
  7. Coordinating the activities of the Optical Discs Regulatory (ODR) Scheme in Lagos State.
  8. Performing any other duties as may be directed by the Director.

Functions of Administration Division

The Administration Division carries out the following functions:

  1. Liaison with Sister Agencies and other Organisations like PHCN, Banks, Insurance Company, Water Corporation etc.
  2. Welfare matters
  3. Security matters
  4. Pension matters
  5. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
  6. National Housing Fund (NHF).
  7. Staff disciplinary matters.
  8. Maintenance of office accommodation and allocation.
  9. Handling of leave matters/preparation of annual leave roster.
  10. Handling meetings of general Staff.
  11. Technical matters
  12. Coordination of Staff APER forms for onward forwarding to Headquarters office.
  13. Coordination of Monthly Performance Appraisal.
  14. Staff Management.
  15. Routine duties: Cleaning of offices, management of office files and records, issuance of circulars as directed by Director, Lagos Office, to disseminate official matters, dispatch of letters, dispatch of files, documentation of new staff, etc.
  16. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Director (LO).

Functions of Finance and Accounts Unit

The Finance and Accounts Unit carries out the following functions:

  1. Administration of the accounting and finance duties of the Lagos Office.
  2. Coordination of all banking transactions in Lagos Office e.g. lodgement of cheques.
  3. Keeping custody of imprest in the Lagos office.
  4. Handling records relating to Copyright e-Registration Scheme as well as the Optical Discs revenue.