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Registration of Copyright

The Nigerian Copyright e-Registration System (NCeRS) offers a platform for creators of copyright works or persons who have acquired rights in these works to register their works online with the Nigerian Copyright Commission.

Anti-piracy & Enforcement

The Copyright Act provides for offences which constitute copyright infringement, including criminal violation of copyright, also called piracy. Copyright offences, especially piracy, are often punishable, on conviction, by both fines and terms of imprisonment. The Commission’s Copyright Inspectors are vested under the Copyright Act with all the powers of a Police Officer under the Police Act for investigation, raids, seizures, arrests and prosecution in respect of copyright offences for the purpose of enforcement of the Copyright Act.

Registration of ODPs

Nigerian Copyright Commission handles the registration and renewal of licence of Optical Disc Plants (ODPs).

The Commission introduced the Copyright (Optical Discs Plants) Regulations in April 2007, (following the release in December 2006)

General Inquiry

Provides a platform for feedback from stakeholders through which concerned members of the public can send in inquiry on issues of interest to them. It also provides an avenue for the public to access key information on the Commission, such as its official contacts, namely phone lines, emails and addresses.

Regulation of CMOs

The Copyright Act provides that copyright owners, in respect of one or more classes or kinds of copyright, may come together and form a Collective Management Organisation (CMO), for the benefit and protection of copyright owners, assignees and licensees.


The Regulatory Department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the regulatory activities and copyright management operations of the Commission are carried out in line with the provisions of the Act and the relevant regulations.

DG's Welcome Message

More than ever before, creativity remains a major vehicle of economic development in today’s knowledge driven economy. Fortunately, Nigeria is well endowed with creative talents and it has distinguished itself in the film, music, literary works and the arts. The Nigerian Copyright Commission is mindful of the place of the creative industries, as a tool national development. It therefore remains committed to a strong, sustainable and solution-driven copyright system that is able to sustain the creative industries and the knowledge ecosystem.

As the world experiences rapid migration from analogue to digital platforms, the Commission is mindful of the peculiar challenges posed by the convergence of media, blurring of dividing lines in industries and the disappearance of national boundaries in the digital environment. It is therefore adapting its service delivery to respond speedily and more efficiently to the new demands.


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Anti-Piracy Activities

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