CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, thanks the Nigerian Copyright Commission for the opportunity to provide comments on the pending Draft Copyright Bill 2015 (the “Bill”). We welcome the current initiative of the Nigerian Copyright Commission to modernize and strengthen its copyright framework. CISAC regards this reform as a positive step towards the effective protection of the rights and interests of creators, as well as towards the competitiveness of the Nigerian creative industries in a digital and global economy.
Posted By: International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC),
26TH February, 2016
We the aforementioned law firm engaged in the practice of law in Nigeria heartily commend the regulatory/registration arm of the Nigerian Copyright Commission for the advent and adoption of the e-registration in the Commission. Sequel to the above Sir, we are highly impressed by this innovation which has ensured faster and easy process of registration and protection of creativity.
Posted By: First Law Chambers , 22nd February, 2016
Your efforts in combating piracy of intellectual properties nationwide are commendable, especially with the proposed Amended Bill currently in view.
Posted By: Nigerian Publishers Association (NPA), 29th January, 2016
NORCODE (Norwegian Copyright Development Association) wishes to thank you for the opportunity to review and comment the Draft Nigerian Copyright Bill. Based on our longstanding relationship with the Nigeria collective management organizations (CMOs) and fruitful collaboration with the Nigerian Copyright Commission we are delighted to be part of the consultation process.
Posted By: Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE), 19th January, 2016
As an Association, we are grateful for the giant strides witnessed in Nigeria’s Copyright administration in 2015 under your erudite and cerebral leadership, especially with regards to your commitment to the reform of the Copyright Act. I would like to thank you for constructively engaging with our Association and other civil society organisations in the past year.
Posted By: Intellectual Property Lawyers Association Nigeria (IPLAN), 8th January, 2016
It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to offer some reactions to the impressive draft law that has been posted by the Nigerian Copyright Commission. We begin by noting that it is both an ambitious and a significant undertaking. As a result of this initiative, Nigeria is well on its way to having a truly modern copyright law – and one that will make a significant positive contribution on the country’s cultural institutions and information industries. We particularly recognize the NCC’s effort to rationalize the treatment of limitations and exceptions in part II of the draft, to which our comments will be (in the main) confined.
Posted By: Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law; Michael Carroll, Professor of Law;
Sean Flynn, Professorial Lecturer in Residence; American University Washington College of Law Programme on Information justice and Intellectual Property, 5th January, 2016
MultiChoice Nigeria wishes to thank the Commission for this opportunity to comment on the Bill. As a broadcaster, it invests in the creation of, and uses a range a copyright works. It is also the author of its own works (in particular in the form of broadcasts). The policy and legislative framework governing copyright matters is therefore of critical importance to it and the entire broadcasting industry. MultiChoice Nigeria further wishes to congratulate the Commission on producing a comprehensive, well-structured and well-drafted Bill addressing a number of important issues currently facing the industry.
Posted By: MultiChoice Nigeria , 5th January, 2016
In conclusion, we must first applaud the work of the Commission as facilitators of the call for input to proposed Draft Bill. It is a timely and welcome step to ensuring that the changes necessary for the betterment of our creative industries are implemented in this new digital era.
Posted By: TECHNOLAWGICAL PARTNERS , 4th January, 2016
Nigeria was one of the leading negotiators at WIPO in Geneva in the years leading up to the Marrakesh Diplomatic Conference in June 2013 and was the negotiator spokesperson for the Africa Group. Its leading role in always negotiating in the best interest of the visually impaired community was key to bringing the Treaty into being. It is encouraging that Nigeria is once again taking leadership in Africa by including the Marrakesh Treaty provisions in your country’s amendment to the copyright Act and its current plans to domesticate the Marrakesh Treaty into its own copyright legislation would be well served by its ratification as soon as possible.
Posted By: AFRICAN UNION OF THE BLIND , 4th January, 2016
In the international environment at WIPO SCCR, Nigeria has been a strong supporter of limitations and exceptions proposed by the Africa Group for education, research, libraries and archives, and has been a strong supporter of the Marrakesh Treaty providing access for persons with disabilities. In particular, we recognize and appreciate the role of Nigeria as the coordinator of the Africa Group in 2015 to further these efforts to improve access. We have reviewed the draft copyright bill and note the inclusion of important exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives, as well as for the visually impaired, in Part II. We particularly appreciate the attention to the needs of libraries in support of their users in section 21 and section 22 to address the of the visually impaired.
Posted By: International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions (IFLA), 4th January, 2016

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